The Ultimate Guide to Windshield Maintenance and Keeping Your Road Vision Spotless

You probably don’t think much about your windshield unless a bug flies into it, your wiper blades don’t work, or you have a chip or crack that is impairing your vision, however slightly. Windshield maintenance is incredibly important to your safety as a driver and to the integrity of your car. Here is the ultimate guide to windshield maintenance and keeping your road vision spotless.

Why Windshield Maintenance Is One of the Most Important Aspects of Car Maintenance

Even if you think of the literal interpretation of the name, your windshield is important for simply blocking the outdoor elements that would normally hamper your view of the road. However, a properly maintained windshield can also protect you from wayward stones, bugs, and other roadside hazards. Because clear vision is of the utmost importance when you’re driving, it is also important to fix chips or cracks in your windshield. Cracks or chips will compromise the integrity of your windshield, which could lead to your windshield breaking unexpectedly and prematurely because of its weakened condition, leaving you open to injury from the flying glass. A lesser-known fact about your windshield is that it allows your airbags to work. When your airbags inflate in the event of a crash, your airbags will press against your windshield, which gives the bags the cushioning and pressure they need to keep you and your passenger from flying through the window or from slamming into the dashboard. The integrity of your windshield is paramount to the overall safety rating of your car.

Three Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Windshield at Home

There are three easy and simple ways you can keep your windshield clean and intact without bringing your car in for an expensive maintenance package with a mechanic. First, you will want to install new wiper blades when you notice their performance is waning. Having the right wiper blades for your car could save your life if you are caught in a downpour by keeping your vision of the road clear. Also, old or worn out wiper blades could scratch or chip your windshield, which will affect the integrity of the glass. Another easy tip for maintaining your windshield is using a gel or spray-on treatment that will repel rainwater on your windshield, which will make things easier on your wiper blades and will keep your windshield free of water spots that could impair your vision. The last easy tip for maintaining proper vision of the road while driving is making sure your windshield wiper fluid is always topped up, and that you take extra fluid with you in your trunk. Having the proper amount of wiper fluid in your car will ensure a clean and clear view of the road so you don’t have to hang your head out the driver side window to see your way home!

If you windshield is cracked or chipped, you should have it repaired immediately by a professional offering Utah windshield replacement. If your windshield is still intact, help to keep it that way by doing the right maintenance at home. Keeping your windshield clean is one of the most important aspects of car maintenance and it’s easy to do, so keep it up at home and stay safe on the road!

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